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The Ingo Chronicles

Sapphire and her brother Conor live on the Cornish coast in a cottage on the cliff-tops.

One day after a Midsummer Eve Celebration, their lives are changed drastically when their father disappears while out in his boat. Everyone believes he is dead but Sapphire and Conor just know in their hearts that he is alive and vow never to stop searching until they find him  – even when it leads them into the gravest of danger…
Sapphire and Conor suddenly discover they have Mer ancestry and are welcomed into the world of Ingo. They meet the Mer siblings Faro and Elvira and voyage deeper into the world beneath the waves. Throughout the books they travel deeper into Ingo and discover the reason to their fathers disappearance…

These books are full of adventure and danger, and it can be very exciting in some parts. They are a wonderful read and I really, really recommend these books to everyone. Although I recommend these books to mainly people who enjoy reading about underwater worlds and mermaids. Especially to people who enjoy books like these and are English because the books are set in Cornwall and underwater worlds.  Enjoy!



The Tail of Emily Windsnap

Can you keep a secret? I know everyone has secrets but mine’s different. I mean, how many mermaids do you know?

It all started with a swimming lesson at school. I was in for a big surprise, and, after that, the surprises just kept on coming. I discovered a whole other world beneath the waves and found a new best friend. This is my story.

If you really like mermaid stories, and you like biographies, this is perfect for you. It is just a biography of how a girl figures out she’s a mermaid. But she doesn’t just find that out. She finds a lot of other information that she has never been told to before and she suddenly understands why her father doesn’t live with her. To find out more, read the book!

This is also just one book out of a series. If you really enjoyed the story, read the follow up ones to find out more about her stories.

Emily Windsnap 1   Emily windsnap 2   Emily windsnap 3Emily winsnap 4

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Castle Diary / Pirate Diary

Pirate Diary: When his ship is captured by pirates, nine-year-old cabin boy Jake carpenter finds himself embarking on an exciting new life on the wrong side of the law! Starting 1716, Pirate Diary describes Jake’s adventures as he discovers the thrills and perils of life at sea.

Castle Diary: Sent to his uncle’s castle to learn to be a page, eleven-year-old Toby keeps a detailed diary of everything that happens there during the year of 1285 – from boar hunts and tournaments to baking bread and cleaning out toilets!

The genre of these stories are fiction autobiographies by Richard Platt and Illustrated by Chris Riddell, and other genres are adventure, a tiny bit of comedy, and a few more. The great thing about these stories are that they are both two stories in just one book, also a flip-over book. If you really like adventure then I recommend the Pirate Diary. If you like history, maybe you could read the Castle Diary. But you don’t HAVE to read both! You can just read one of them for the rest of your life! No limits to this!

Castle Diary  Pirate Diary

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Sister of the Bride

16 year old Barbara Maclane and her family – Mother, Dad, and pesky younger brother Gordy – are thrown for a loop when older sister Rosemary comes home from college and announces that she’s getting married! Amidst the whirlwind of wedding planning, Barbara finds time to daydream of a handsome groomsman… and to kiss high school boy Bill Cunningham. But as the big day approaches and Rosemary gets more and more grown up – and more and more stressed out – Barbara’s not so sure she herself is ready for romance after all…

The genres of the story are a tiny bit of romance (watch out younger children),  also a little bit of non-fiction facts in it, as well as creative non-fiction. There might be some other genres to this book, so if you read it, you might find them out! Happy reading!

Sister of the bride

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These books might sound familiar and they are starting to be very popular. One of the interesting things about the series is that in each book there is a dog in particular that seems to have a diary of what’s happening around it, what it does, what it sees, hears, tastes, feels and smells, also their adventures and their life. I like the way it’s set, the way the story is put together. I now can understand how animals that are in danger of what humans feel.Then I feel like I am one of those humans (or what the dogs call longpaws ) whom have done terrible things to the dogs and their lives. But some dogs like the idea of what humans are doing. I feel that I am the one to blame sometimes, but then I say to myself ‘Well, I’ll try to help not destroy land and their families’. Sooner, when I pause reading, I think, ‘But this is just a story!’. Maybe that would happen to you if you read the books. I also recommend this if you really LOVE dogs! This series is also from Erin Hunter if you have already read Erin Hunter’s series of Warrior Cats.

Survivors 1   Survivors 2   Survivors 3   Survivors 4   Survivors extra

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The False Prince

In a faraway land, a civil war is brewing. To unify his kingdom’s divided people , a nobleman named Conner devises a cunning plan to find an impersonator of the King’s long lost son and install him on the throne. Four orphans are forced to compete for the role, including a defiant and clever boy called Sage. Sage knows that Conner’s motives are more than questionable, yet his life balances on a swords point – he must be chosen to play the prince or he will certainly killed. His rivals will be devising their own plots as well, so Sage must trust no one and keep his thoughts hidden.

As Sage moves from a rundown orphanage to Conner’s sumptuous palace, layer upon layer of deceit unfolds, until finally, a truth is revealed that may very well prove more dangerous than all of the lies taken together.

I recommend this book so much for the readers who enjoy reading adventure, dangerous moments, lies and deadly truths. I read this book only in three or four days because I was so fascinated by the book.  And for people who don’t enjoy reading, I recommend this book greatly to you. It might be a bit scary in some parts but that is the fun thing about it. Although, I  am also warning younger children because this book is mainly for 9 years and older.


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This book is more for older kids than for younger ones, but if your parents allow it, you can read this book.

Gordon Reece’s Mice is about a 16 year old Shelly that has been badly bullied at school. Her mother has just divorced and both her and her mother had to move in a cottage in the countryside- a place where they can be happy at last. But then one night someone breaks into their house…

The genres in this story can be realistic fiction, or tragedy, shock and lots of others. I recommend it for older children like I said before, and this is more for teenagers than for younger children. I also recommend it to people who can’t exactly stand up for themselves. It helps them learn that they have to stand up for themselves in a terrible situation like Shelly’s.


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Sky Hawk

There is something that lives deep in a forest by Callum’s farm, something that hasn’t been seen on his farm for over a hundreds of years…

Callum and Iona meet by the river on Callum’s farm and they decide to make a promise to make their discovery secret. When they meet, Iona is fishing with just her bare hands and feet in the river.  When Callum finally realises that she is keeping a secret from him he knows that he must know this piece of information. When he finds out, he realises that it is extremely important and can’t be told to anyone. Will they manage to keep it safe from harm?

This book is recommended to readers who are interested in birds, animals, and facts about lots of things. It also has some tragic bits, so if anyone can easily cry about sad moments, be careful when you read this!


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Born To Run

This book is about a greyhound, who can run really fast. Michael Morpurgo’s Born to Run book about a golden greyhound who is found in a sack with other puppies (greyhounds) on a Canal by a boy from England. Patrick saved them all and he was late for school. He was rewarded greatly. He had a choice of which dog he could keep and there it was, the golden one. His name was Best Mate. No other name would fit him. Until that evening…. where Best Mate never came back. All of the calls, whistles, shouts, he never came back. Cast aside, kidnapped, adopted or living rough on the streets, Best Mate can always find a way to survive. But will he ever find a real home? Who knows?

I would recommend this book to English learners. However, since the story was interesting as well, so I think that everybody can enjoy this book. The plot is very well chosen and the characters are very well described, I can tell easily how they feel, what they are like seen or just described. The descriptions are also well done, the scenes are wonderful and carefully put together and everything goes together wonderfully. It is mixed together with adventure, action, greed and hope, and surprising moments, so if you like all of these, I recommend this book greatly. Enjoy!

Born to Run


Tiger Eyes

Davy Wexler, a teenage girl, has to cope with the murder of her father. She carries a paper bag with her, which is revealed to contain the clothing she was wearing when she found her father and cradled him all the way to his death. The clothing was soaked with his blood.

After lying in bed for days on end and not eating, she starts her tenth year of school, but ends up passing out three days in a row. Davey’s mother, Gwen, then decides they needed to get away for a couple of weeks, so they take up an offer from Adam’s older sister, Bitsy, and her husband Walter, to come stay with them in Los Alamos, New Mexico. However, a few days before they were scheduled to leave, Gwen gets news that their store was further vandalized, and she decides they’re going to stay longer. It turns out to be pretty much the entire school year. Soon afterwards, Davey explores the town on her aunt’s bicycle, she goes to a canyon and after climbing down she runs into an older boy who calls himself Wolf. Davey calls herself Tiger when they introduce each other. She also becomes a candy striper at the hospital with her new friend, Jane, and meets a cancer patient who turns out to be the father of Wolf.

The plot is wonderful, all the scenes and sad, cheerful, happy moments are mixed together to create a great story. Davey is a great character, her moods are expressed into words in a delightful way and I could tell she was very depressed about her father dying. I recommend this book greatly for teenage people, and maybe older people.


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